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What Makes Me So Special?

Finding a new stylist is HARD! You have to put your trust into someone new. You have to trust that this new stylist is going to listen to you, take into consideration what you want, and keep your hair healthy.


You want to find someone who is going to help you feel beautiful and confident. You want a stylist that you get that genuine, authentic connection with. I'm so excited you have chosen to trust me, and I am SO excited to work with you!

I specialize in natural lived-in color, and setting realistic expectations. Never do I want my clients to leave feeling like they don't have a style or color that isn't maintainable with their lifestyle and schedule.

Where Do I Start?

Your hair journey starts here, where you'll get to know me, and choose what service you want to book.

Click here to learn more about me.

How Do I Know What Services To Book For?

This is a great question! I do things a little differently than the normal small town stylist, so I would suggest reading through the services to determine which package I offer that you typically book. You can find detailed description of each service here.

How Do I Book My Appointment?

Once you've determined what service you desire to have done and are an existing client; you can book online, email me*, or call The Local Lather Hair Studio*. If you are a new client; you can request an appointment on my online booking system, and wait for a confirmation text and email. I may reach out to you before your appointment to ask some more specifics on what you are wanting exactly! *Expect at least 24- 48 hours for an acceptance/confirmation text about your appointment request.


Where Do I Park?

The salon is located right off of Main St (231), but you may pass us up! We are a little off the road. You will find plenty of  parking in our parking lot. Sometimes when all our stylists are busy, you can find extra parking on 3rd Street, which is located right next to the salon. 

What Is Your COVID Policy?

Please cancel your appointment if you or someone in your household has been tested positive, and not feeling well in the last 24-48 hours.


What Will My Services Cost?

You can see a starting price point menu on my service page. Pricing varies depending on length, product usage, and thickness. 

I Have a Question Before I Book My Appointment.

The best way to ask any questions before you book your appointment, would to email me. I will be in touch within 48 hours. You may also call the salon and talk to any of our hairstylists if your question can't be answered by any of my typical FAQS.

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